Rakesh Roshan Talks about Hrithik’s Kites

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One film that certainly has tons of buzz surrounding it is Hrithik Roshan’s next film Kites. The film is unique not only because of the story line, but also the fact that the main love interest in the film is not an Indian beauty but a Spanish one and the fact that Hrithik kisses her has created quite the stir. However, Producer Rakesh Roshan says that the main message of the film is “that love is a universal language.”

In an interview with IANS Roshan says that any of the sensuality in the film, including the kiss, is there because it is a love story not to draw audiences in to see the film, “The sensuality is not worked into the film to unnecessarily titillate or cater to any specific audiences. Kites is a love story, so the sensuality depicted in the film goes well with it. I’m not catering to any particular audience. I’m making a universal film for a global audience of all age groups.” Adding that he thinks the film will clear the censor board, “In my opinion the censor board should not have any objection because the scenes are well integrated into the screenplay with conviction, purity and honesty.”

He says that the main message of the film is that true love is not constrained by anything, “Kites is not a preachy film, but, yes, it has a message … that love is a universal language; it crosses all boundaries and is not bound by any constraints.” In the film Hrithik’s J and Barbara Mori’s Natasha speak different languages but still they manage to fall in love.

The producer went on to talk about why he chose Anurag Basu as director for this project, “As I have produced and directed many films I could see immediately that Kites as a film needed a very seasoned and dedicated producer because of the sheer scale of the film. It was then that I decided to take on another director and as I have liked Anurag’s work in the past and could see that he and I shared similar sensibilities and vision, I signed him for Kites.”

Papa Roshan had nothing but praise for his beta saying, “I will always try to have him in all my future projects because he is a complete actor. If you give him any kind of role, he will rise to the challenge and shoulder the responsibility to the T.” Adding that he and Hrithik will continue “with the FilmKraft tradition of delivering well-made hit films.”

Though audiences cannot wait to see Kites another film that fans are dying to hear about is the highly anticipated Krrish 2. However, once again we will all have to wait and watch, “Kites needed single-minded dedication from me as a producer; so I can start thinking of my other projects only after the release of Kites.”

Kites starring Hrithik Roshan, Barbara Mori, and Kangana Ranaut will be in theaters this Diwali!

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