Rakhi and Aamir – a Perfect Couple!

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Possibly half the planet is looking forward to the first edition of Rakhi Sawant’s new talk show, imaginatively called ‘The Rakhi Sawant Show’ and which premieres on July 14th. The big question is how did Rakhi grab Aamir Khan as her first guest – a more unlikely coupling – the philosopher king and the showgirl – it seems hard to imagine!

Aamir explains, “Rakhi sent me a letter requesting me to be the first guest of her show. It touched me, so I accepted it. I have seen her on television many times and I like her spirit. I think she is very bold.”

And Rakhi was asked to analyze what influenced her choice – “I am hosting a show for the first time, and I wanted him to open my show. I think he is a person with whom hits are associated. Every film he works in is bound to be a hit.”

It seems that Aamir was very taken with the voluptuous and stunning Rakhi at the recording. Why did Rakhi think it went so well? “Both of us are controversial. We are the same, but different,” she explained.

Rakhi has also made friends with her second guest on the show, the gorgeous Vidya Balan – “ I really like Rakhi for the way she has made a place for herself. No one else is quite like her,” Vidya began, “She has marketed herself as an extremely unique entity. I think it’s truly admirable.” And how did Vidya feel her interview went? “Rakhi conducted the interview straight and simple. There was none of the flamboyance associated with her. And that really surprised me,”

Meanwhile, Rakhi’s movie career looks like it’s finally taking off. She’s been signed to play the heroine in a new Yash Raj movie opposite Rani Mukherji and Shahid Kapoor. “So far my career in movies didn’t take off because I don’t have a lobby to support and sign me,” she says, “That’s the only explanation I have. Now I’ve finally got a film I’m proud of with the best banner. After this I’m sure I’m going to be flooded with good offers, and not just to do item songs, although I’ve no godfather on the film industry.”

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