Rakhi-IshQ Win Battle Against Censor Board!

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In a turnaround of sorts, Rakhi Sawant and IshQ Bector have emerged victorious in their battle against the Censor Board. The jhagdes finally seem to have ended (hopefully) as the Board’s Revising Committee has lifted the ban on the word “kamine” in the duo’s controversial music video ‘Bhoot’ from the album Jhagde, which they produced together.

It can be recalled that when the Board had asked the producers to bleep out the word “kamine” from the video, Rakhi and IshQ had sent them a Legal Notice, questioning their decision.

In spite of the victory over the issue, lyricist-singer-composer IshQ Bector isn’t quite happy. “The Censor Board is a whimsical body with outdated minds” he fumes, and adds, “They pass an entire film called Kaminey and clear a hundred-and-fifty dialogues with the word. But when it comes to my lyrics, they throw a tantrum.”

“This is not the first time the Censor Board has shown this sort of silly bias, reflecting double standards. They did it with my video of ‘Aye Hip Hopper’ too. They suggest frivolous cuts almost every time I send a video for clearance. In the past too, many producers have been victims of their arbitrary diktats. Justice has prevailed this time, but I will not hesitate to take legal action again, if they unnecessarily trouble me in future,” he threatens.

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