Rakhi Sawant Proposes to Salman Khan!

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The extraordinary and delightful Rakhi Sawant proposed to Salman Khan at the end of his show Dus Ka Dum. She even presented him with a ring leaving him speechless. Rakhi was present at the filming of the grand finale for the show as the special guest. This should be a good show to watch as it also includes Rani Mukherjee and Lara Dutta with Rani apparently making references to Salman’s recent spat with SRK.

Rakhi will also be seen soon in the Telugu movie Drona. She’s doing an item number, her first for a Telugu movie, in the film that stars Nitin and Priyamani. This should not be confused with the big budget Abshishek Bachchan – Priyanka Chopra starrer. Rakhi also does an item number in this week’s horror movie release, 1920.

Rakhi, who quite rightly says, “I don”t need publicity, the publicity needs me,” has brightened up many a movie with her exotic dance numbers. Does it worry her that she is seen primarily as an item girl? “I am happy being an item girl as I find nothing wrong in it,” she says. “Of course I shall be seen in many item songs when I have the things that others lack – why shouldn’t I make the most of it! I like all my songs. The censor people are not comfortable with what I do – but I just don’t care.”

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