Ram Kapoor to Host ‘Rakhi Ka Swayamvar’

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Ram Kapoor will be the host of Rakhi Ka Swauamvar, the reality show that begins on Monday on NDTV and will broadcast every night of the week. But Ram will be more than a host as Rakhi Sawant makes this most important of decisions, choosing a husband for lifelong happiness from amongst the 16 hopefuls. Ram will also be acting as her guide, philosopher-friend and mentor. Other celebrity guests will also be joining the show to give Rakhi their advice.

“Rakhi’s dream is to get married like a princess,” says Nikhil Madhok of NDTV, “After an exhaustive round of auditions, we have finalized 16 potential grooms and have brought them together for the Swayamvar in the beautiful city of Udaipur at the Fatehgarh Palace. The show has some very exciting elements and is sure to capture the imagination of audiences as Rakhi begins her special journey of finding her life partner.”

The 16 hopefuls will have to undergo a series of trials to prove their love and worthiness for Rakhi based on her criteria of personality, character, physical fitness and talent. “I am very nervous and excited at the same time,” she says, “This is such an important decision and I hope I am able to find the right man who will be my partner through the rest of my life. I am relying on my friend Ram and all my well wishers to help me through this important phase in my life. I have briefly met all the prospective grooms and they are all very nice but I really can’t say right now as to who will be my final choice. But I have faith in God that I will be able to make the right decision.”

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