Ranbir and the NBA

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While India swears by Cricket, the younger generation are branching out and learning to appreciate other sports too. It is the very adorable Ranbir Kapoor who is bringing Basketball to Bollywood and vice versa. Currently shooting in New York for Anjaana Anjaani, the star took out time from his schedule to chill at Madison Square Garden and enjoy some NBA.

Speaking to a popular online portal, Ranbir clarified, “”I did a lot of basketball when I was in school back in India, but I never really got to see a game. I followed the Knicks when I was in school out here but that was seven years back so I’m a bit out of touch with the new players and stuff, but now I’m on the floor at Madison Square Garden and it’s great.” He went on to add that while he was usually a New York Yankees fan, for that particular day, “I think I will root for the Lakers today…”

Talking about his film Anjaana Anjaani, Kapoor explained that from New York, the crew would be heading to Las Vegas and then San Francisco, “Actually it’s good to get out of India, and I’ve been shooting in India for the last two years so it’s my first time to shoot in New York City.”

He also spoke about being voted the sexiest man in India by People Magazine and on being currently single, “There’s nothing much to say. I am single,” she added.

The actor will next be seen in the politically charged Rajneeti and will begin work on a new film, Rock Star in July starring himself and a newcomer.

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