Ranbir Kapoor, first Bollywood star to be approached by an International Game Association.

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Ranbir Kapoor loves Football, Chess and Cricket. He not only loves watching these sports, but also loves playing them whenever he gets the opportunity. Now in an exciting development for the young actor he has been approached by the International Game Association. In fact, the actor is the the first Bollywood star to be asked and it is a request to play one of his favorites Football.

One of his childhood dream was to be a football coach and he himself is a fabulous football player. His favourite football team, you may ask. Well, it is Barcelona and his favourite football player we have learned is Lionel Messi. Now, a source says there have been rumours that Ranbir is approached by FIFA to be a part of the game.

However, it seems it is not to be…now. A source revealed, “Ranbir was very excited when he first got the offer as it’s Football, which he loves. But he is very clear about what he stands for and he likes clarity on everything he does. He wants to take out time and actively be part of everything, instead of just lending his name. So he has turned it down right now as he has an extremely tight schedule with back to back shoots for his movies like Rockstar followed by Anurag’s Barfee.”

Check out Ranbir playing his favorite sport in these exclusive pics:

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