Ranbir to play Rajiv Gandhi

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There have been speculations and rumors that Prakash Jha wanted Ranbir Kapoor to play Rajiv Gandhi in his next film Rajniti. Well, we can now report that Jha has confirmed that Ranbir has said yes to the project.

Jha said, “I had my mind and heart set on Ranbir for the role. It’s a role that requires innocence, nobility, idealism, vision and dynamism. It also requires a personality of perfect breeding and gentility. I’d have probably dropped Rajniti if Ranbir hadn’t agreed. I could see he was guarded when we met. But the reserve dissolved when I narrated my script to him. ‘I am doing this,’ is all he said after hearing me out.”

For the challenging role Ranbir will have to play a wide range of ages; from the young Cambridge college boy to a man who becomes the Prime Minister of India after the assassination of his mother Indira Gandhi.

To play Rajiv’s girlfriend, Sonia, whom he later marries, Jha is looking for an established international star, “The heroine won’t be a non-descript model or TV actress posing as a big star for a Bollywood film. The actress opposite Ranbir will be a top-of-the-line name.”

Jha added, “Ranbir exudes an aura of dignity and calm. He will make Rajniti credible and convincing.”

Watch this space for more because we will be sure to report who does land the role opposite Ranbir and of course all the news about Rajniti.

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