Randeep Hooda “hates size-zero women”

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Randeep Hooda was in confession mode when he spoke to a popular publication as his film Love Khichdi is on the brink of release. In the film he plays a Casanova who romances not one or two but a whopping seven girls. The actor was quick to reply that was only onscreen, “That’s only for the screen. In real life, my horses, films and theatre leave me I’ve been seeing women since I was 15. But right now, my heart belongs to my 600 kg stallions.” And keeping to the topic of women, Hooda insisted that he prefers full-figured women and his reaction to size-zero women? “I hate them; it’s unhealthy and unattractive. It’s ooh, aah, ouch! Who wants to go to bed with a rubber doll?”

Randeep went on to discuss his own workout regime which includes playing a lot of Polo but it doesn’t stop the actor from indulging in some of his favorite foods, “I drink milk every day. I’m a Jat boy and love milk, butter and dahi. And plenty of eggs, chicken, vada pav and chocolate syrup.” For his role in the yet unreleased Rang Rasiya he had to put on weight and then lose it all for Love Khichdi. However the actor insists that being fit has nothing to do with acting, “A good body is not a criterion for success; you need talent.”

Most interesting was the actors Karan Johar inspired Rapid Fire Round which bought out some interesting confessions. When asked if he preferred “1 steady [girlfriend] or 7 unsteadies”, he happily admitted he preferred the latter. The actor went on admit jokingly that he was the best kisser in town and between love or lust, he simply answered, “confused!” But the icing on the cake was when he actor claimed he wouldn’t mind any Playboy Bunny who isn’t a size zero!

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