Randeep Hooda – Our Very Own Will Smith

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Indian cinema keeps in its tradition of Hollywood inspirations and remakes with Percept Picture Company’s upcoming release starring Randeep Hooda as a superhero.

The managing director of Percept Picture Company spoke to Mumbai Mirror and explained the inspiration of the film, the character, the storyline and the cast.

* The role is set to be a mixture of James Bond and Hancock.
* The character is to have an ordinary look with extraordinary powers acquired after he met an accident in his childhood.
* The storyline deals with a superhero that makes a large difference to society with his extraordinary powers.
* The cast will consist of Randeep Hooda in the main role which he was best suited for, apparently due to his phenomenal talent and physical persona that matched perfectly with the character. Like every superhero movie, there needs to be a glamour part of the story. For this particular superhero film the glamour quotient will be filled with new heroines, yet to be announced.

So are you all excited? We sure are. The movie is all set to be announced in approximately a months time and a teaser is currently in the making! Keep visiting BollySpice and we’ll keep you updated on this exciting project!

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