Randeep romances 7!

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Randeep Hooda’s latest joy-of-life film is Love Khichdi in which he plays a small-town boy who finds himself working as a sous-chef in a five-star Mumbai hotel. Using techniques of direct-to-camera interaction popularised by Michael Caine in Alfie, the movie sees Randeep and the seven-women he encounters in the movie discussing their motivations and desires as the film unfolds.

As a chef, Randeep can’t help comparing the women to the dishes he’s creating – which of course begs the question for all regular Bollyspice visitors as to what dishes your top stars might represent? Aishwarya Rai Bachchan could be something elegant, light and creamy – a penne carbonara perhaps? Ayeshia Takia would of course be sweet and delicious – strawberry sundae maybe? Aamir Khan would have to be a very complex, heavily flavoured and innovative masala dish of course. We’ll leave it to your imagination to think about other possible combinations!

Love Khichdi also stars Divya Dutta, Sada, Sonali Kulkarni, Riya Sen (looking especially mouth-watering), Rituparna Sen Gupta, Jesse Randhawa and Kalpana Pandit as the magnificent seven. Meanwhile, Randeep, who debuted in Monsoon Wedding and was educated in Australia, says he feels somewhat embarrassed by the Casanova-type character he plays in the film. “I am afraid that after watching this film, my fellow building residents will not allow me back into my home,” he joked.

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