Rani as Director?

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There comes a time for every Hindi film star when he or she is in between playing the young lover and the auntie/ uncle. There are some other on screen options, of course, such as the divorcee or the single parent. A trendy option these days is trying out a new role behind the camera.

With a full and accomplished acting career behind her, Rani Mukherjee might be headed for the director’s seat. The contradictory rumors flying around B-town make it difficult to get a grasp on Rani’s intentions, however. “I am happy as an actor,” she explains. “If I get a great subject to make a film, I will take it up to see if it works. But that’s only for a later stage, when I get married, have kids and settle down,” she explains.

Rani acknowledges that a director must understand stand the film on a larger scale from pre-production to editing. This certainly would be new territory for the talented actress. But, if Shahrukh can do it, why not Rani?

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