Rani Mukherjee talks about Aiyya and its potential

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Actress Rani Mukherjee is very excited and cannot wait for her next film Aiyyaa to release. As she is playing the role of a girl whose parents want to get her married, the entire country is talking about her real life marriage and wanting her to marry soon, which she is overwhelmed to know. “It is so sweet of the entire country to show so much concern. It makes me feel like I am the daughter of the entire country,” she excitedly said.

Aiyyaa is showing Rani as Meenakshi Deshpande, a middle class Maharashtrian girl whose parents are worried about her marriage and she falls in love with a Tamil painter because she loves the way he smells.

Rani agreed that Aiyyaa has a risk factor attached to it, as it is not the kind of cinema that the Hindi film audience is used to. “Aiyyaa is a risky movie, because everything about it from the script to the direction is very different from what people are used to,” she said. Even though it is risky, she is sure about how young girls and older women too will relate to the film. “Every girl doesn’t get to choose what she wants and when she wants. There are still girls, who are burdened with marriage issues,” she said.

Even though it may seem like the movie is woman-centric and revolves around Rani, the actress says it wouldn’t be right to call it so because it is actually a simple love story. “This is not the woman-centric kinds, it should be categorized as a love story because it is about the both the leads and not just the female lead,” she confirmed.

Rani went ahead and also claimed that Aiyyaa will break stereotypes attached to South Indians. She quoted, “In a Hindi film, when have we ever had a South hero and a North heroine drooling over him. We have never shown someone from the South to be an object of desire either. We have always spoken about their Hindi accents and other things but Aiyyaa will change the way we see them.”

Aiyyaa shows Surya as a handsome and tall dark man, the kind right out of novels. Rani said she hopes this puts the sensible thing out there in many heads.

Actor Prithviraj completely agreed with Rani and said, “In Aiyyaa, you will find everything about a South Indian man sexy.” Both Rani and Prithviraj said that the joke is not on South Indians, but the system of arranged marriage in India, where parents fix meetings to choose life partners for their children.

Rani is also doing Lavani in one of her songs ‘Aga Bai’. Before this, Katrina Kaif and Chitrangda Singh have done this dance form to which Rani said,” Those were not really Lavani, but what I have done in the movie is pure and authentic Lavani.”

Aiyyaa is introducing southern star Prithviraj Chauhan and is releasing this Thursday, 12th October.

Rani will be seen next in Reema Kagti’s Talaash, produced by Aamir Khan and starring Kareena Kapoor, Aamir Khan and herself. She is very happy and positive about it and prefers not to look back at the past.

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