Recession hits Police Department, Stars look for Security!

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The season of downgrading continues in light of the global financial crisis and now Bollywood stars will suffer in a unique fashion. As if the total losses for the year wasn’t high already, the stars are now likely to suffer another repercussion of the global financial crisis in the form of loosing security.

That’s correct, the Mumbai police is downgrading security given to the 54 people in Mumbai and amongst the list are industry’s singer/composer/actor Himesh Reshmiya (who is likely to need the security if he keeps imposing films like his past ones on the audiences!), Vivek Oberoi (with the Sri Lanka controversy now at play, Vivek truly didn’t need to be included in this downgrade, we’d like to argue!) and producer and directors Pritish Nandy, Karan Johar and Firoz Nadiawala (the men with the big bucks!). However one name that shocks the public that has ended up on this list is none other than King Khan himself. Yes indeed, Shahrukh Khan is also part of the downgrade.

All the above names were accustomed to having four policemen with them at all times, however now this has been downgraded to only 2. The department officials have declared that close to 17,000 rupees is the cost of each police man provided for security and this is spent by the public exchequers. Total of 25 lakhs were being spent on the security of the 54 individuals, including the Bollywood personalities named above, and now as a result of this downgrade close to 10 lakhs will be saved.

The downgrade as well as affecting the named Bollywood personalities will also affect several other politicians, former politicians, and IPL chairman Lalit Modi.

Looks like what used to be seen as a mere fashion accessory, will now become a costly privilege the security department feels some cannot be honored with! Perhaps the time may be near for our stars to step up into their larger than life screen roles and protect themselves Bollywood-ishtyle, what say guys!

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