Reliance Home Video releases Stanley Ka Dabba in DVD

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The timing could not have been better! Schools have reopened and the monsoons are upon us. ‘STANLEY KA DABBA’ is an ideal DVD to plug and play on a rainy day when your kids have an unexpected holiday or are shut indoors during the evening.

STANLEY KA DABBA’ is available on VCD (Rs.149.00) and DVD (Rs. 299.00) and contain collectibles like school book labels and a time-table card. The DVD comes with a host of special features like Making of the film, Deleted Scenes, Making of the songs & a special section called “Stanley’s Buddies” – where well-known celebrities have become Stanley’s buddy by signing a petition against child labour.

Sweta Agnihotri, C.O.O of Reliance Home Video says, “STANLEY KA DABBA is a perfect recipe for spending quality family time together. Go ahead & enjoy this fantastic fare.”
Imagine this boy in your mind’s eye. He arrives in school much before any of his classmates to drum away his blues on empty benches. He stuffs himself with water instead of the nutritious food that his schoolmates relish during the lunch break. He covers up for his lack of social rank with the finesse of the most seasoned diplomat. Who is this child? What is he like? Why is he anything like he is? Wouldn’t you like to know? Meet Stanley, the protagonist of ‘Stanley Ka Dabba’.

Stanley Ka Dabba’ is the latest offering from the insightful writer-director, Amole Gupte that throws light on the everyday life of a school going child. The character, Stanley, tugs at your heartstrings with his indomitable spirit, while warding off the hostile world he is surrounded by at all times, everywhere. The film reveals how this child-soldier, rises above his choking real life situation on the way setting a template for all whiners to learn from, even emulate.

Like most others his ilk, Stanley loves to be amongst friends and win the appreciation of his peers and colleagues. He uses his sparkling wit and innocent wisdom to impress everyone he touches; at times spinning-a-yarn amongst friends about his mother’s flight, while on occasion conjuring some heartfelt poetry to impress the lovely English teacher, Rosy Miss (Divya Dutta). There are though teachers like the pungent Science Madam, Ms Iyer (Divya Jagdale) whose rigid beliefs smother Stanley’s innovative science experiment with all the contempt at her disposal. Then there is the gluttonous Hindi master, Verma Sir (Amole Gupte) who emerges as the catalyst in helping the boys bond for Stanley’s dignity and rightful place in the school.

Stanley, the little protagonist of Amole Gupte’s, latest film ‘Stanley Ka Dabba’ shows how, like the proverbial lotus, can one rise above all the filth around and make the world a better, beautiful place to live in. The way he goes about bringing cheer to his colleagues and his little friends is what makes him the Stanley we all need to be in today’s day and age. Wise and sensitive, loving and mischievous: living every moment as if there is no tomorrow.

Commenting about the launch of ‘Stanley Ka Dabba’ the director Amol Gupte, had this to say:  “This Dabba that you have received is a very very special dabba! It not only has a hearty hot meal packed for you but also the liberating recipe that re-wrote the processes of cinema with children. The making of Stanley Ka Dabba has is a testimony to my claim.”

About Amole Gupte

‘A mole Frog’, as his children friends know him for the longest of time has invested largest part of his life in children’ welfare, theatre cinema. A decade in the 90’s was spent in painting and exhibiting. Taking all three the children in the millennium, he pulled warm amour in defense of children namely ‘Taare Zameen Par’. Since then there seems to be a Santa Claus perception about him in the education sector and the social needs sector. Stanley Ka Dabba is his second cinematic creation, again with a cause where entertainment meets emotional fulfillment.

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