Revealing of Sexual Harassment in Bollywood!

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Sonu Nigam’s revelation of a senior journalist harassing him has resulted in the unveiling of more similar cases.

Sonu Sood commented that during his modeling days, he had gotten countless offers from coordinators until he finally told them that he wasn’t their cup of tea.

Once it was well known to assume that woman would have to compromise (in other words sleep) with the makers of a certain project in order to secure their role, and now the same is happening to male models and actors.

A recent television star who just scored a lead in a soap opera revealed to Mid Day that he had to compromise to secure his role. And he did it because he says there was no choice. He also disclosed that not only directors, but producers and other various position holders in the industry, also ask for sexual favors in exchange for securing a role.

So all you aspiring actors and actresses, play it safe there, as the world of cinema and modeling isn’t as nice and glamorous as it seems.

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