Right Ya Wrong

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I’m not sure if Sunny Deol really manages to make much of an impact nowadays, but you have to hand it to the superhero of the nineties whose strong half-kilo hand was a rage, for trying. He tries and fails, but never stops. This time he is back with Right Ya Wrong in a nostalgic avatar, yes, he plays a cop for yet the nth time. He is joined by Irrfan Khan, Konkona Sen Sharma, Isha Koppikar, Deepal Shaw and Aryan Vaid who are all involved in a murder mystery. All right, now for the analysis.


Ajay Shridhar (Sunny Deol) and Vinay Patnaik (Irfan Khan) are not only buddies, but cops too. Their friendship is tested when Shridhar’s wife, Anshita (Isha Koppikar) is murdered. Patnaik immediately suspects husband Shridhar as the murderer. And just when their friendship has hit an all time low, Patnaik’s sister Radhika (Konkona Sen Sharma) takes on the role of the prosecution and fights against him. The film basically goes on to depict strained relationships and the solving of a murder mystery.

What Works

For a film that was not publicized too much, Right Ya Wrong is actually pretty interesting. Director Neeraj Pathak does a great job with the script and camera. The performances are absolutely top notch. Sunny Deol is back and how. The actor proves that he still can kick butt, literally and figuratively, whether it’s in an action-hero role or otherwise. Irrfan Khan does well to keep up with Deol. In fact, his humorous and serious persona shines in his character. Deepal Shaw is a surprise.

What Doesn’t?

It hurts to type this, but Konkona is simply okay. There is very little for the actress to do and thus is left lingering. Additionally, she really needs a better make up man; her bags made her look incredibly haggered. The music is blah and not fun at all. And lastly, the murderer is revealed far too early in the film. Immediately you lose interest and are looking for a climax that doesn’t arrive for a while.

The Question?

Technically, the question becomes, to watch or not to watch. Right Ya Wrong is a onetime watch and there is no denying that especially if you are a Deol or Khan fan. It manages to entice and keeps you wanting more.

Our Rating

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