Riya Sen’s Determination Pays Off

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Riya Sen was determined that she would launch her Bengali film career with a Ritapurno Ghosh movie and refused many offers along the way. Now, her determination to start in the right way seems to have paid off with a role in Abhohamaan. “I refused every offer I got for Bengali movies as I wanted to start my career in Bengali films with a Rituparno Ghosh film,” she confirms, “I was waiting for the right opportunity.” The film was screened as part of the Mumbai International Film Festival which finishes this Thursday.

The Kolkata-born actress has a number of high-profile movies at different stages of development, including a second Rituparno Ghosh movie – Nouka Dubi – in which she stars with her sister Raima; a Dev Anand project, Chargesheet, which also includes Divya Dutta; Tara Sitara, a comedy of manners about the rivalry between two theatre groups, based on a real story; and it’s possible she may also appear as a femme fatale in Krissh 2 – which should be reason enough in itself to see the movie!

Although her career leaves Riya anchored in Mumbai, she is still a Kolkata Kid at heart. “I grew up there and many of my friends are still there but I don’t visit as often as I’d like to,” she says, “When the family wants to be together for a weekend or a few days, we all head for Kolkata. I love Kolkata the most because of the food, the junk food — especially the puchkas.”

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