Rumors cause a ‘Salman Riot’ at police station

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Any actor loves to see his fan following, but Salman Khan would have experienced a different high had he been present in Kanpur to see the chaos caused in Bajariya police station because of a rumour that Salman is shooting for Dabangg 2 there did the rounds.

Bajariya police station had a hard time dealing with thousands of people who came there with the determination of seeing the actor and refused to budge, come what may. One of the fans, Sufiyan, very clearly stated that he doesn’t mind spending the night in front of the police station to see ‘Salman bhai’ while another fan, Mushir, had come from Chamanganj to watch the shooting when his friend informed him about it.

The fans stationed themselves outside the police station for nearly 3 hours and even though it was a rumour, there was Saurabh who refused to believe so had his own reason. He said that the police station has never been painted before, so if there is no shooting why is it being painted now? Even though the police did what they could to convince the crowd, they disbelieved and did not move from the site. It so happened that a politician was passing the police station in his SUV was mistaken to be Salman and was mobbed by the people and one person yelled “Salman aagaya!” The irate politician actually let the driver roll down the window to let people see that there is no star. “Arre bhai, koi Salman-Walman nahi hai. Poor gaadi dekh lo,” said the driver.

Instead of dispersing, the crowd continued to grow and the police had no choice but a mild lathi charge to send the crowd away. The station officer of Bajariya Police station said that they had to resort to the lathi charge because the people did not follow their order and pelted the chowki with stones, which led to another lathi charge. The crowd came in control only when they started arresting a few people. “We have also lodged a case against 1500 unidentified people for blocking the road and stone pelting at the police station,” he added.

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