Sadha is Getting Busy in Bollywood

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Southern actress Sadha is the latest Southern hot property to move north and become embroiled in the Bollywood machine. She’s currently making three movies there – “I’m doing Love Kichdi with Randeep Hooda, Click directed by Sangeet Sivan with Shreyas Talpade and Khalbali with newcomer Nikhil,” she says, “I am also considering doing a Tamil film with Srikanth.”

Sadha made a big debut in the South when she appeared in both the Tamil and Telugu versions Jayam, for which she won the Filmfare South Award for Best Newcomer. She also appeared in the Kannada film Mona Lisa, Unnale Unnale and Classmates. What motivates her in life? “My policy in life is to live and let live. I want to be a part of showbiz till the magic lasts for me. Where else will I get so much adulation?” she asks.

Sadha was recently asked about her attitude to marriage: “I strongly believe in arranged marriages,” she explained. “The involvement of the parents in a marriage is a must, because, I feel that gives a guarantee to their daughters that they will have a successful life thereafter. In love marriages, I strongly feel, that there are situations wherein a lot of confusion and differences of opinion would prevail. By telling you this, please don’t feel that I am dead against love marriages, however.”

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