Salman Celebrates Wanted Success

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Wanted is a super-hit and Salman Khan is a happy man. Along with producer Boney Kapoor, the actor will be celebrating the success of the film by throwing a huge gala for the entire industry…minus a few of course. The actor who has finally seen a hit film after a “spat of flops” is keen to get all his friends involved in his celebration while simultaneously testing their friendship for him. A close source claimed, “Salman is thrilled with Wanted as it came after a spate of flops. He’s keen to have a party inviting many people from the industry. Sallu had invited almost the entire industry to Katrina Kaif’s bash last year and everyone had turned up. It’s now his turn to see who his real friends are.”

On the list of invitees, everyone from Karan Johar to Farah Khan, Sanjay Dutt and even Akshay Kumar are said to be invited. No guesses as to who will not receive invitations: the Bachchans, Shah Rukh Khan and Vivek Oberoi. Salman has taken a keen interest in his bash and has ordered only the best of foods for his friends which will include, “some of his favourite dishes like chicken tikka, tandoori and kebabs. There will also be a lavish spread for those who prefer vegetarian food. The DJ will play hits from Wanted as well his previous releases…It will be a daawat for everyone. Salman is calling it a victory bash and will have made-to-order dishes that include lot of barbeques and grilled stuff.”

Katrina Kaif has also decided to extend her Eid trip and stay back for the party after she took a few days off from shooting for Rajneeti.

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