Salman Injured on Set

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Salman Khan has injured his arm during shooting for Arbaaz Khan’s Dabangg.

The injury, believed to be a torn ligament, occurred while Sallu was filming an action scene with action director Vijayan (with whom Sallu previously worked with on Wanted). Salman completed the day’s filming but according to witnesses was obviously in a lot of pain. The actor is believed to have exacerbated a previous injury and is unable to continue filming action scenes until the problem is resolved.

Producer-director Arbaaz Khan confirmed Salman’s injury.

“Salman had an old injury or maybe the ligament he sprained was already strained. When he started shooting, the injury got aggravated. Salman took painkillers that day but by evening, his arm was all swollen and bruised. The next day, it got worse and he requested our action master to shoot without him for a day. It’s difficult to do action scenes without lifting your arms and he couldn’t do that. Salman is still in pain.”

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