Salman Khan becomes a Matchmaker!

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We’ve seen the hunky Khan adopt so many personas onscreen be that of a cop, doctor, singer or even a love guru! Now it seems like Salman is taking his role from Partner to the next level, however this time on a more serious note.

You all may recall the loud and scene stealing Beena Kak from Maine Pyaar Kun Kiya who played Salman’s mom who also happens to be the Rajasthan Tourism Minister and a very close family friend of Salman’s. The Kaks and Salman are almost family and no one had doubts about this when they saw Salman dancing away in the Baraat of Beena’s son Ankur.

However, now Salman is playing the ideal older bro to Beena’s daughter Amrita who is all set to get married this summer to a boy who’s been chosen by none other than brother Sallu! It seems that Salman took it upon himself to settle Amrita up with a nice boy and has now fulfilled his promise.

Salman also gave Amrita her first break as a playback singer as the female voice in ‘Just Chill’ (Maine Pyaar Kyun Kiya) and ‘Tujhe Aqsa Beach Ghuma Doon’ (God Tussi Great Ho). In addition, Beena has had the full support of Salman for the state elections.

Well now Salman can safely add another feather in his cap for ‘matchmaker’. His role as a writer for Veer may of not gone too well but we’re glad that this one did!

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