Salman Khan’s Carries A Lighter Sonakshi on his Shoulders

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Sonakshi Sinha, the daughter of Shatrughan Sinha, is being launched in Bollywood in the movie Dabangg by Salman Khan – and Salman is giving her step-by-step advice on her career. “Salman is making sure Sonakshi has the best possible launch,” says Shotgun, “I allowed her to get into films on his persistence and Salman has taken upon himself the responsibility to make sure she emerges from her debut with our family name and her dignity intact. This was the request I had made to him.”

Amongst other things Salman advised Sonakshi to lose a third of her body weight, slimming down from 90kg to 60kg. How did she manage to lose so much? “I was determined to lose weight, so I went to the gym twice a day and had a high protein diet with no carbs,” she says, “Spinning helped me tremendously. My regular fitness regime also consists of weight training. I have recently started hot yoga for toning — performing asanas in a steamed room with 40 degrees temperature.”

The film Dabangg is a human relationship drama and fulfills Salman’s promise that he would appear with some lesser known names after Wanted. Sonakshi has had some previous experience in the public eye having appeared on the ramp at the Lakme Fashion Show for the last two years.

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