Salman Khan Goes for Coffee and Creates a Stir!

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Going out for a simple cup of coffee is easier said than done when you are a star of Salman Khan’s magnitude. The actor and Katrina Kaif decided to head to a local coffee shop on Bandra Bandstand, just minutes away from Salman’s Galaxy Apartments residence. As Salman’s bodyguard watches protectively over the star’s Suzuki Hayabusa, a crowd of fans gather on the street, having spotted Salman and Katrina at a table on the coffee shop terrace.

Salman Khan’s Bodyguard

Within minutes, numbers swell from a dozen or so eager bystanders, to quite literally hundreds of excited Salman and Katrina fans.

Salman Khan’s bike

Ten Minutes Later. Coffee over, Salman gets up to leave to an excited cheer from his Bandra audience.

Salman Khan

The bodyguard, keeps everything under control as the actor gets on board his red Hayabusa.

Salman and Bodyguard

Salman is joined on the back of the bike by Katrina Kaif. Excitement levels reach fever pitch, and as the two stars zoom off, the crowd of hundreds burst into spontaneous applause.

Salman Khan, Katrina Kaif

We have seen how Salman Khan’s bodyguard must work to protect him. Watch how the Bollywood star performs in the same role, in the Eid release Bodyguard. In cinemas worldwide August 31st!

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