Salman on Bigg Boss 4

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Little do people know but Salman Khan actually consulted his mother, Salma Khan, before agreeing to play host to Bigg Boss 4. It was only after he got the green light from her, did he finally say yes to Colors. Adding to his reasons for hosting the show, “When I appear on TV, they don’t have to go out, buy tickets and watch the show. They can enjoy watching me on their television sets in the comfort of their homes for free.” He also adds that he intends on being himself throughout the show. “I am going to be myself, 100 percent unadulterated Salman. I will call a spade a spade. I am a very straightforward person and I will not take any hypocrisy and politics lightly. For those housemates who play clean, they will always find their best friend in me. Those who don’t, be ready to expect the worst,” he told a tabloid.

As for his audiences, he intends to ensure they have a good time, “They can expect as much fun outside the house as is expected inside.” He also believes that he has always been “comfortable” with his fans and via television and Twitter, is more accessible to his fans.

Salman also went on to take about his current films as well as Dabangg part two. “I am currently working on “Ready”. Then we have two scripts for “Dabangg” and it could either be a prequel or a sequel,” he signs off.

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