Salman’s Advice to Hrithik

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Salman Khan decided to give Sussanne Khan’s birthday a miss this year and no, it had nothing to do with archrival Shah Rukh Khan and wife Gauri’s presence at the party. The actor was already committed to the Delhi Fashion Week. However, he did call up Duggu and let him know that he was completely informed about his “life.” Sallu was of course referring to his alleged romantic link-up with co-star Barbara Mori which was in the media light for much time. In fact, the media also went on to report that Sussanne had apparently even walked out of the Roshan house taking the children with her. The couple later confirmed that they had a termite problem. Additionally, reports of a depressed Hrithik taking to the bottle surfaced clearly demonstrating his pain from being separated from Mori after Dad, Rakesh Roshan commanded Hrithik to leave Barbara and return to Sussanne at once.

Salman, who looks at Duggu as his own brother to spend more time with his family and not “over-work” himself. Salman also apparently threatened the Hrithik that he would stop talking to him if he did not obey his orders.

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