Sameera Reddy – Street Fighter

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Mobile Gaming is going to be the next big thing in mobile phone technology and where there’s money to be made, Bollywood is never far behind! Downloading mobile games is a market that it’s estimated could reach $4 Billion by 2012 as the technology improves and new ideas add to the experience. In fact, Sony recently unveiled a hand held Bluetooth joystick for mobile game control.

It’s early days yet but a number of Bollywood celebrities are involved in early versions of games already available. We read earlier in Bollyspice about Neetu Chandra’s ‘Neetu — The Alien Killer’, for which Neetu did all the action shots herself. “I’m a trained martial arts expert and hold a black belt. I have done all the moves, from the flying kicks to the 360-degree kicks before they were animated,” she explained, “So, my animation version does everything that I actually can, when she tries to save the human race from the aliens in 3000 AD.” The game was developed by 7Seas Technology in Hyderabad, the heart of Tollywood.

You can also buy a jet skiing game with Bipasha Basu — ‘Watch those hidden curves, man!’ and now comes news of ‘Sameera, the Street Fighter’, which is set amongst the ruins of an ancient Indian civilisation. You can help Sameera fight to save her father’s kingdom from the invading warriors. Soon, you will also be able to go aqua diving with Malaika Arora Khan as you sway beneath the waves in a variety of locations. Bollywood and cricket are the two most favoured topics for gaming in India.

“Generally, it’s the personality and the popularity of the celebs that’s taken into account while zeroing in on them,” says Salil Bhargava, CEO of Jump Games. “For us, celebs like Bipasha, Malaika and Sameera lent themselves very well to gaming. Sometimes, they are able to provide helpful insights that we take back to the drawing table. Even after the game is created, they have a look at the final product as well.”

In other Sameera news, she recently has been outlining the qualities of the perfect man she’d like to marry, “He should be confident and very sure of himself. He should be fantastic at his job and also as hardworking as I am. Then he should love to work out and should have very good family values. And most important, he should smell very good and be a real good soul!” If you meet these standards, you can contact Sameera at her Bollywood studio now.

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