Sangeeta Bijlani Finds a Friend in Salman

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In case you don’t know, Sangeeta Bijlani, ex and old girlfriend to Salman Khan has found herself questioning her marriage after her cricketing husband Mohammed Azharuddin has allegedly been frolicking in an extra marital affair. The ex-actress found herself vacating her house with her husband and moving back to Mumbai after the news broke. However, no one has a clue where Sangeeta has been residing. To everyone’s surprise, the best person to ask would be Salman Khan.

Apparently, Sangeeta has maintained a good relationship with Salman and his family even after their break up many years ago. “Not only did Sangeeta attend the music launch of Hello starring Salman, but also his birthday party at his farmhouse in Panvel last year. Azharuddin did not attend that celebration. She also attended Salman Khan’s Being Human fashion show in Mumbai. Thereafter, she has visited Salman’s house, irrespective of whether he was present or absent. Even if Salman is not home, Sangeeta has always been comfortable in his house. She has a very good relationship with Salman’s parents, Salim and Salma Khan, and is exceptionally close to his sisters, Alvira and Arpita,” claimed a close source to the family.

While initially, Sangeeta was extremely upset at Salman after he chose Somy Ali over her, she soon got over the incident but not after she publically defamed him. Even then Salman chose to maintain a dignified silence. Things didn’t work out too well with Somy either and after she was tired of waiting for Khan to marry her, she skipped town and headed to Florida. Salman is said to have followed her in attempts to woo her back but she decided to let go of the relationship. This is all in past now and Salman is on good terms with both ex-actresses.

Apparently, Sangeeta has sought Salman’s guidance and help as she is trying to sort out her marriage. Her husband, the ex-Indian skipper, is supposedly seeing Badminton national champion Jwala Gutta who is nearly half his age.

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