Sanjay Dutt supports his nephew Nilesh Sahay

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It is well-known fact that Sanjay Dutt is a family man. Apart from his new-born twins with whom he spends every free minute, he also cares for his nephew Nilesh Sahay who is about to make his debut in the Hindi film industry. Nilesh is the son of yesteryear actress Zaheeda, a niece of Sanju’s mother Nargis, and when Nilesh decided to become an actor, Sanju offered at once to give him every support for his career. Though he did not launch Nilesh himself, Sanjay guided Nilesh through his career decisions and kept close track on his nephew’s debut film Angel directed by Ganesha Acharya, who is a good friend of Sanju and has worked with him as a choreographer before.

Angel is said to be a very special love story with South Indian actress Madalsa Sharma starring opposite Nilesh. The film is scheduled to release in 2011, and Sanju is ready to take actively part in the promotion of the film, giving his feedback to the promos and accompanying Nilesh to promotional events. Acharya, who recently choreographed Action Replayy and Khatta Meetha, confirms Sanju’s hard work for his nephew’s debut, saying “Sanju has told us he will be there to help us in any way possible – not just for Nilesh but all of us and the film in any way we need him. It’s really very sweet of him.”

So, after Jeetendra promoting his nephew Abhishek Kapoor, and Aamir promoting his nephew Imran Khan, a new mama-bhanja jodi is about to make its presence felt in the industry. Good luck, Sanju and Nilesh!

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