Sayali Bhagat’s Denies Link with Shoaib Malik

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Sayali Bhagat, once linked with Pakistan cricket hero Shoaib Malik, claims it is all a misunderstanding and the ‘link’ was merely a marketing device for a movie they had planned to make together. “I don’t have any comments to give on the Shoaib-Sania marriage,” she says, “I have moved on in life. Shoaib and I were offered a film about a cricketer and a beauty queen. Despite agreeing to the offer, the producer and director could not get financiers for the film.”

Shoaib is currently in the news big-time with his plans to wed Indian tennis queen Sania Mirza this month – despite allegations that he is already married to an Indian named Ayesha Siddiqui. Ayesha lodged a criminal complaint in Hyderabad to this effect. “As there are legal complications in the case, we are taking the opinion of legal experts for initiating quick action against Malik,” said ACP Dwaraka Tirumal Rao, “If an Indian commits an offence abroad, he is liable for punishment under the Indian Penal Code (IPC). In this case, however, the offence was committed out of India by a foreigner. So we are taking legal opinion on the necessary action.”

Sayali, meanwhile, is enjoying the shift in her career from modelling to acting. “After winning Miss India, my first choice was modelling,” she explained, “Two years ago I shifted to acting as I like to explore different avenues. It gives me an opportunity to have a variety of experiences.”

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