Scream and Shout: Abhi-Ash Marriage

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Note: The views expressed in this article do not reflect the views of’s staff or owners. They are solely the views of the writer of this opinion piece.

So Abhi-Ash are finally together. Good for them. Bad for us. For a week we saw nothing but the engagement confirmation making headlines (Note to news broadcasters: Engagment of two celebrities is not a diplomatic incident). Of course, prior to that we suffered a year’s worth of information on their on-and-off wedding, unofficial confirmations of their relationship and so-called wedding dates and pre-wedding plans.

Give it up already! Seriously, I don’t care and neither do most people whose minds are still intact. I am happy for Aishwarya that after her previous disastrous relationships she has gotten a break and found a sane guy. However, I don’t particularly care about either party. The Bachchans are arrogant, supercilious, self-righteous and controlling without an iota of originality or intelligence.

Also, I’m glad Aishwarya is making forays into America, but it’s not because they are recognizing India or because she is representing her country. It’s because she doesn’t look Indian but is an Indian icon that can help companies make money in one of the biggest markets in the world. It’s economic recognition, not cultural recognition.

Plus, I think this whole issue consists of an elemnt called a ‘publicity stunt’. This could have been kept quiet, out of the media and subdued. But no; that is not how it played out. And, Christ! As if I don’t already have issues with the Indian media, public and celebrities (why the bloody hell are they elevated to God-like statuses. They are mortal, and mortal people will die. They are only as successful and as powerful as you make them. Plus, they aren’t even grateful).

So, in conclusion; great you’re engaged. So are other people. Please get the media to talk about your actual reason for fame.

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