Scream and Shout: Blind, Obsessive and Disillusioned fans

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Note: The views expressed in this article belong solely to the writer and are not endorsed by BollySpice.

In our society, celebrities warrant hysteria. This is a given that probably won’t change any time soon. In fact, I myself can testify to going ga-ga over celebrities once in a while. But when does admiration and innocent ogling turn into obsessiveness? Well, ask more than half of the fans out there.

I’m afraid to inform you that our filmy-centric population is currently sitting on the border between sanity and madness. The past few days have left me shaken up, disturbed and fearful for these poor souls that have surrendered themselves to celebrities—celebrities that they don’t know, haven’t met and most likely never will. I have witnessed countless acts of rage over a stupid celebrity. One simple comment against their favourite star will set them off; another can make them burst with rage. Who are these maniacs, you ask? Let me introduce you to them.

I am truly scared when speaking to them as they get so angry that I’m afraid they’ll pounce on me any moment screaming “You must love X actress and adore Y actor!” I, thankfully, live in a world that extends beyond the four falls of Bollywood and film is simply an entertainment medium for me. For most, it’s the same. However, there is a fraction of moviegoers that are so deeply infatuated by this industry of glamour and glitz that they either dream of becoming a star one day or they turn their obsessive nature towards a certain star. They stalk their every move, figure out where in the world they are at the moment, what food they might have eaten for dinner and arriving a minute late to any of this pains them deeply.

This blog is my cry out to them. Please, save yourselves before it is too late! You are pathetic, lonely and troubled souls and need desperate help. Being smitten by a star or admiring their work is a completely normal and acceptable activity. However, you must understand that none of us know these stars on a personal level and only know them through the eyes of the unreliable media. As with any human being on this planet, celebrities too are flawed and have made mistakes. They are not and will never be gods and goddesses for you to worship. If that’s what you’re looking for, I suggest you turn to religion rather than search for one within Bollywood because unfortunately the film industry just doesn’t cut it.

If you find yourself going wild with rage when you hear a comment against your personal favourite star, whoever it may be, you have a problem. You need to wake up to reality and realise that these celebrities don’t give a flying crap about you on a personal level and probably never will. Admire them, become interested in their work, but please, don’t become obsessed. These obsessive fans claim to have watched every single movie of a particular star and maintain that they have never seen a bad performance. Bullcrap! All actors have movies where they stumble and look like idiots, accept it! And another thing, you are entitled to your opinion just as much as the next person. If they don’t like the star you like, what the hell do you care? Ignore them and move on. Trying to brainwash people into liking a star is utterly ridiculous and in fact only turns them off even more. I have encountered people that dislike certain stars simply because of their domineering and unruly fans. You, yes you, the obsessive fan, are turning people off. Also, it’s time you accepted that you don’t always have to rank stars in terms of #1, #2, #3 and so forth. There can be two actors and actresses that are equally as talented and worthy. Some might be strong in certain departments, while the rest in others. This is okay! There is no designated system that states that one star, and only one, has to be the best.

My final plea to you is to get a life. If you find yourself obsessing over a star, you really need to wake up to reality. The lives of the rich and famous are no doubt fascinating and serve as great entertainment. But you are not related to them! Why do you care whether they ate butter chicken or chicken tikka for dinner? Unless they’re sharing with you, what does it matter?

Blind, obsessive and disillusioned fans, you sicken me. Please, get some help for the sake of all our sanity.

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