Shah Rukh Khan admits he did not perform well in Happy New Year

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hnydubaipremiere24Superstar Shah Rukh Khan has admitted that he did not perform very well in his latest film Happy New Year.

The action/comedy released in October 2014 to a strong box office response. However, Khan has honestly said that performance-wise, he did not live up to expectations. He even missed out on a Best Actor nomination at this year’s Filmfare Awards. “I haven’t acted well enough,” said Khan to an Indian website. “I don’t think I should be nominated. I did one film last year and since I have hosted two shows I know there are seven or rather seventy other people who are better than me. I don’t think I should be nominated for acting, for Happy New Year. Yes, the film has done very well but as an actor I don’t think I deserve to be nominated.”

Shah Rukh has also said that just because he did not get many nominations at this year’s award ceremonies, does not mean that he will start boycotting them. “I have got awards early in my career and at a time when the various criteria did not exist. Right or wrong is not the question, but I have got them. I feel it would be unsporting of me to say that I will not go now because everybody gets it or because I don’t get it.”

Shah Rukh will return to the big screen later this year with the YRF drama Fan.


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