Shahid Finds His Perfect Match in Rani!

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Bollywood heroes get their starts in a variety of ways – one has famous father and another works his way over from the theatre. One hero who got his start in dancing in the chorus was Shahid Kapoor. Long before he wowed audiences with his dramatic and violent double role in Kaminey, Shahid was best known for his fantastic dance skills. Unfortunately for dance lovers, heroines these days are more likely to be seen posing sexily in bikinis instead of jingling their anklets. How will his partner in Dil Bole Hadippa compare to the twinkle-toed hunk?

“Rani is a great dancer and people have forgotten that it’s been a while that she has done an out and out dance number,” Shahid told Devansh Patel. “The last time I saw Rani match up with any actor was with Govinda. There have been times when I have calmed myself down a little to balance it out with my co-actor but Dil Bole Hadippa was the first time when I thought that I had to pull my socks up as Rani was going for the kill.”

With some speculating that their icy cold demeanor at the press conferences is concealing a hot affair, like Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie after Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Shahid certainly spares no praise for his co-star!

And although Shahid says that the cricket is just the background to the love story, that doesn’t mean they didn’t take it seriously on set.

“I used to get call from Rani at half past nine in the night saying, ‘Shahid, where are you? I am in a cricket ground near Juhu. Please come,'” he reminisces. “I would reply, ‘Sorry Rani but I have an appointment at ten.’ Rani would go, ‘Just come for ten minutes but come.’ I would reach there and she would be seen standing all padded up saying, ‘See how I am playing cricket. Now you show me how you play.’ I would then show her some of my shots and the reply would come, ‘You know how to play, so you can leave now.’ I loved the way she was so involved with the film.”

With two such dedicated actors on set, I think we’ll all be Dil Bole Hadippa!

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