Shahid in Director Dilemma

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While Shahid Kapur is riding high from the success of Kaminey and is currently working on his father’s Mausam with Sonam Kapoor, it seems that the actor is demand by two of the world’s most prominent international Indian filmmakers: Deepa Mehta and Mira Nair. Apparently the actor has been approached to play the lead character in of the directors’ films but can only pick one. The reason for this is not just the date clash but also because both ladies are said to be complete rivals and “do not see eye-to-eye”. Even though both the directors are completely apart in their genres of films, they consider each other competition and thus, Shahid is only allowed to choose one (or none) of the films.

Mira Nair is keen to cast Shahid in her upcoming film The Reluctant Fundamentalist, which is an adaptation of the acclaimed Mohsin Hamid’s novel. On the flip side, Deepa Mehta’s film would see Shahid playing the lead role in Beeba Boyz, a film about a Punjabi gangster who is surrounded by a completely western entrourage. Beeba Boyz wouls pair him with Hollywood sex bomb Mila Jovovich.

While both the ladies battle it out for Shahid, grapevines scream of Deepa’s keen desire to cast Shahid for his “boyish charm” and “inherent” Punjabi aura. Which will it be? Watch this space as we bring it to you hot off the press!

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