Shahid Kapoor, Ali Zafar and Jacqueline Fernandez attend Press Conference for Bollywood Showstoppers

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The stars of this year’s much anticipated UK concert, Bollywood Showstopers, attended a press conference on Thursday to discuss their experiences of preparing for it, as well as expressing their sheer excitement. Shahid Kapoor, Ali Zafar and Jacqueline Fernandez were at The Montcalm Hotel in Central London to interact with the UK media ahead of their show on Sunday night.

The other two headline acts, Sonakshi Sinha and Mika Singh, were unable to attend the press conference, but are flying into the UK this weekend for a show which is on the minds of every Bollywood lover at the moment. Hosted by BBC’s Raj and Pablo, all three acts, as well as founder and producer of the show Mr Naz Choudhury, took questions from the media about Bollywood Showstoppers and what they’re looking forward to most on Sunday night.

Speaking about how she ended up getting involved for the show, Jacqueline said, “I’m very excited because I know that last year’s show was such a huge success. It’s my very first time performing in London and that too in such a big way.” Shahid added to the comments saying, “I think it’s a fantastic opportunity for all of us to perform here. I was just told that apparently we haven’t had a show of this size for the last 9-10 years and it’s been a while since a lot of Indian actors have come together to perform in London. Apart from the pressure it made us feel, it’s great to know that people want to see a performance from Indian actors here. I’m very excited as it’s the first time I’m performing at The O2 and I want to give the audience a fantastic time and to entertain them and also offer the best there is of whatever we can give. I mean why would I not want to do Showstoppers?”

Pakistani icon Ali Zafar also talked about his excitement for the show, “It’s been a while since I came here and I performed in London many years ago actually. Since I sing and I like to perform on stage, it’s one way where you can connect with all the fans. So this was one good opportunity and also a great opportunity to work with such amazing colleagues and performers.”

Also speaking about his experience of working with dancer and producer Naz Choudhury during rehearsals, Shahid mentioned, “He’s very particular about how he wants things done and I actually really like that about him. I think we had a little bit of time back home (India) and we’re going to have a lot more time to spend here together. He’s extremely talented, extremely focused and extremely passionate. I feel that there’s going to be a lot that he will bring to the show and I’m sure that there’s a lot he will bring to me as a dance.”

Ali also spoke about how proud he is that the show will be uniting most of the South Asian continent and hopes that fans will enjoy the show on Sunday. “We do promise and plan to make it a huge success and have a lot of fun on stage.” Jacqueline then commented, “I didn’t even realise that we were from different parts of Asia and I think that’s an amazing thing that we are coming together for some amazing music and dancing. We want to enjoy ourselves with the audience and we will make sure that it will be fun!”

Shahid gave some final words before the press conference wrapped up and had the following message for fans that are coming to see the show on Sunday. “We are going to do everything in our capacity to give you guys the best night that we can. We’re going to go out there and really give it our best and I’m sure that you guys are going to have fun!

Bollywood Showstoppers takes place at The O2 arena in London on Sunday 3 August! It’s still not too late to book tickets so get yours now if you want to catch one of the most exciting concerts happening this year!



Also check out the cool pictures from the press conference, as well as a fun video where the cast are dancing MC Hammer style!

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