Shahid’s Mom to Direct Priyanka Chopra

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Shahid Kapoor’s mother Neelima Azmi, whom we witnessed playing his mother onscreen in his debut film Ishq Vishk, is now all set to start her very first directorial venture. Initially Neelima had approached Emraan Hashmi for a lead role, however, Hashmi politely refused the project. But it looks like Neelima’s spirits haven’t been dampened at all because she took the bold step to approach Priyanka Chopra for the female lead.

Only God knows what the relationship is between Shahid and Priyanka since we the media never got any confirmation nor any refusal, however whatever their relationship may be that doesn’t seem to come in the way of their professional front since Neelima was not at all hesitant in approaching Priyanka. In fact, she narrated not one but two scripts to Priyanka. When speaking to Mumbai Mirror Ms Azmi was asked how Priyanka reacted to her offer and roles in reply to which she said, ‘The heroine appears only in the second half. It’s a very vital role. In fact, I discussed two scripts with Priyanka. She liked both of them. I get along very well with Priyanka. It’s a very professional, but warm relationship. Of course, it will all depend on who the male actor is. Priyanka is in a certain league. If I get a damn good actor, but not a top star, I don’t expect her to step in. But then, she may still sign up due to the fact that she loved the character which I want her to play.’

Is Shahid aware of this you all must be thinking, well it so happens to be that he is and mummy dearest has been consulting him at every step. As usual the quite Kapoor was out of sight and instead his spokesperson replied to the media’s questions and said that Shahid would not react to the news of his mother and Priyanka working together as it’s not his film.

Definitely sounds like an interesting project in the making. Stay tuned to BollySpice and we’ll surely keep you updated on Neelima Azmi’s every step in getting her debut project off the ground!

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