Sheena Shahabadi Married and Separated!

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Sheena Shahabadi, who made a big impact with her debut in Teree Sang about a teenage pregnancy has admitted her own big mistake. The actress ran off with a minor TV actor, Vaibhav Gore, during the shooting of the movie and got married!!

“I married this man and the decision was wrong one. I am admitting I have made a blunder but now I have escaped from it,” she says, “Everyone makes a mistake and I too did it, but now I am free.”

The young actress was forced into the admission when Vaibhav announced the marriage to the press – possibly for his own publicity reasons. Does Sheena agree? “It looks like it,” she concedes, “Why didn’t he come out with it before now? But I am not scared to speak the truth. My parents have taught me to speak the truth and avoid all complications in life. I’ve moved on. I suggest he do the same. It’s time for my first release and a very big day. I want to focus on my career.”

We hope that talented Sheena, who really lifts Teree Sang above the average, sticks to that promise. We are already looking forward to second movie, Fast Forward, which co-stars Vinod Khanna and Adyhayan Suman.

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