Sherlyn Chopra Running With A Crowd of Miss Indias

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Sherlyn Chopra ran across the 5km Bandra-Worli Sealink on the first day it was opened to runners preparing for the Mumbai Marathon. “This is the first time the sealink has been opened for people to run across,” she explained, “And I so want to be there.” In addition, the three Miss Indias and all therefore potential Bollywood aspirants, Shriya Kishore, Dimple Patel and Deeksha Seth made the trip.

Meanwhile, Sherlyn is getting tired of people comparing her to Rakhi Sawant. Apparently, rapper Ishq Bector chose a short hairstyle for Rakhi after thinking she would look better in it than Sherlyn. Miss Chopra says, “How can people even compare a Mercedes Benz with a Nano?”

Sherlyn has also been talking recently about how boring she was as a child. “I looked like an ugly duckling and wore thick reading glasses,” she confesses, “My books were my best friends. No wonder I had no friends! I was really boring as a kid.”

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