Shilpa offered ‘Pink Panther’ before Ash?

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Though the casting agency in charge of Pink Panther 2 insisted that Aishwarya Rai was the first choice for the film, Shilpa’s agent Dale Bhagwagar claims otherwise.

He strongly asserts, “Shilpa was approached first for ‘The Pink Panther’ but she decided not to do it. A recent story that has come in a popular tabloid yesterday is a lie. This is proved through the email below which makes it clear that Shilpa Shetty was indeed approached two months ago for the role of Sophie in ‘The Pink Panther’.”

So why has he decided to scream this from rooftops now? He claims, “We are professional people and we deemed fit not to boast, as we decided not to do the film. This clarification only comes in the wake of this false and fake story which aims to mar Shilpa Shetty’s reputation.”

No, he doesn’t stop there. He actually released the full e-mail that the casting agency sent to Shilpa in mid-July requesting her availability for the role.

Are Shilpa and her agent trying to prove something? Seems they’ve gone a bit too far.

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