Shilpa Shetty Launches S2, her new perfume

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Shilpa Shetty has created her own signature scent called S2 and to announce this new perfume, a launch was held on Tuesday at an upscale London Hotel.

Introducing her new perfume, Shetty said, “Of all the five senses, smell is one of the most intriguing. Unlike sight, taste and sound it’s the one that arrives like a surprise and encompasses you sending signals throughout your body conjuring feelings and a reaction that’s unforgettable.”

The perfume is fusion of many different scents with the keynotes derived from flowers and fruits, including Mandarin, Bergamot, Peach, Jasmine and Sandalwood. Shetty handpicked each ingredient and each one was chosen to make the perfume as she said “… something that is very synonymous with me.” Robertet, one of the oldest French perfumers has worked with Shetty to create the fragrance.

Shetty went on to say, “A scent should live up to its name, appear from nowhere and leave you breathless. You could be in a busy street, be on your way to work in a train or in the office and someone passes you and their scent lingers with you for a moment and in a surreal way, two strangers connect. One for leaving the trail of their scent, the other because by the time they turn to see what’s hit their senses it may be gone. That’s the magic, mystique and intriguing factor of a scent. And the scent of a woman should be one that’s in tune with her nature.”

“This is my reason for launching S2 – a new fragrance that has a citrus and jasmine tinge to give a fresh yet earthy feel with an ethnic twist. This fusion represents very much where I am today: on a global stage with my feet firmly on Indian soil.”

S2 will be available in many fine stores in the UK beginning in July.

We are sure that this perfume will live up to its beautiful creators name and cannot wait to get perhaps a passing whiff of the scent and to pick up a sample ourselves.

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