Shilpa Shukla aka Kanjari of Bhindi Baazaar Inc launched the official website

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Up-coming reality based film; Bhindi Bazaar Inc. has been in the buzz, making news for quite some time now. Well speaking of news, guess what …you don’t have to go to the newspapers anymore to get all the latest scoops and gossip on the movie.

Actress Shilpa Shukla (well known for her role in Chakde India) that plays the role of a character called Kanjri in the movie, launched the official “Bhindi Baazaar Inc.” website today. When asked about it, Shilpa describes it enthusiastically, saying – “Well, I am obviously much honored to be bestowed with the responsibility of launching the official website. I really like the look of the website, seeing as its stuck to the theme of the movie very well and has maintained the dark feel the movie has to it. I enjoyed the homepage the most, where all the main characters are displayed and when you scroll over their image, a scene with their best dialogue streams”.

Playing on a darkish-green color theme and constant cigarette smoke blowing up the screen, the website is really well made and as Shilpa describes, it’s enjoyably interactive. The gritty backdrop shadows tabs that grant excess to summary, cast and crew, videos, photos, downloads and also a fun “Pick Pocket” game.

Check the site out

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