Shiney Ahuja’s Custody Ends Today

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Shiney Ahuja’s judicial custody ends today. It has been a traumatic week for the Bollywood star. Earlier medical reports appeared to confirm that the girl had been raped and now DNA tests seem to confirm that it was Shiney who raped her, if this is the case. “The DNA report has confirmed rape of the victim,” said APC Amitabh Gupta, of the Mumbai police, “The report has corroborated the allegations in the FIR that the actor had raped his domestic help.”

Shiney is of course innocent until proven guilty and we should not jump to conclusions in the way that some of the tabloid press in India have done and the police themselves. However, it is reasonable to state the known evidence which includes the medical report, the DNA sample, the apparent distress of the girl, and the fact that Shiny is exactly twice her weight – suggesting it is feasible that he had the strength to overpower her against her will.

Rumours suggest that Shiney is maintaining the view that is was a consensual act whilst his wife in public has argued that he is being framed. It’s time now for the law to make the definitive statement on the episode.

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