Shirish Kunder Talks Joker! Exclusive!

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Director Shirish Kunder has just started the second shooting schedule for the upcoming Joker, which stars Akshay Kumar, Sonakshi Sinha, Shreyas Talpade and Minissha Lamba. There is not much known about the film so I caught the director for a very quick chat to find out more! Talking with us exclusively he would not reveal much but he did let us in on a few tidbits.

He would only give me a glimpse into the story of the film, “It is to early to say anything about the story. It is an underdog story with elements of sci-fi. It is a very unusual story and for me, to say more, I would be revealing the storyline, so I really can’t. But it is a very unusual story and a really new genre.”

Talking about the first schedule he said, “The first schedule was good. We rushed into this film because our film Tees Maar Khan released in December. Then there was barely a month and then February we were ready to shoot. We pulled it off though quite well. We shot for 19 days in one line and finished over 40 percent of the film. So, it was quite productive.”

Is he happy with what he came home with from the first schedule? “Very happy! I think we really we able to shoot some kick ass stuff. So yeah, very happy!”

I tried again to get him to tell me a bit more about the film by asking about the characters played by Akshay Kumar, Sonakshi Sinha, Shreyas Talpade and Minissha Lamba but again he says it is to soon to reveal any of that. “Uh, see the story and characters are really something I can’t speak about now because it is such a long time for release.” Understandable since the film is not scheduled for release until the end of the year. He did laugh when I said I thought I would sneak that question in there!

Though not all is under wraps, Shirish has been releasing some sneak peeks with pictures from the first shoot on Twitter. “They are really for showing the audience what they should look forward too. What kind of film it is and what zone it is. Also because earlier, for some reason, it was written that Joker is a superhero film. It is not. So, slowly by releasing the pictures, I am just making them aware of what Joker is going to be!”

Adding, “It will be a very unusual looking film. The photos don’t really say much. I am playing quite safe with it. But the actual content of the film is quite unusual. I am really keen to see how the audience accepts something like this.”

So now it is onto the next schedule, which began the 17th and will shoot in a unique setting, “We have created a forest for it. We are not shooting in an actual forest we have created this forest. It is a fantasy forest. So that is where we are shooting on the 17th.”

We here at BollySpice certainly can’t wait to find out and see more! Shirish has said he will chat with us again after this next schedule and all long on the way to the release of Joker later this year so stay tuned for this all exclusive Joker series!

For now check out the exclusive pictures from the set!

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