Shreya Saran: Molested in a Temple

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When one thinks of peace and tranquility, a temple for the Gods is probably one place where you should be able to find it. That was not the case for actress Shreya Sharan of Shivaji fame. The actress was allegedly molested while offering prayers at the Tirumala temple. The incident occurred while she was talking to a newsman. The gentleman was apprehended by guards after he touched Shreya.

“When I was coming out of the temple after my prayers a man who was standing behind me misbehaved.”

Sadly this is not the first time that an actress has been touched in public. Although they are public figures, they are women first. A man, regardless of position or the situation has no right to make someone feel uncomfortable. Besides the usual crush, it seems fans sometimes have a hard time distinguishing movies from reality. In almost all movies, the actresses are portrayed as desirable sex symbols. More and more we see actresses like Aish, Kareena and Bipasha running around in barely their articles of clothing. Although appealing, these images could be allowing fans to assume that liberties with women are appropriate. It seems that Shreya is recovering from the incident.

The actress slapped the man and guards took him down. “I think women should stand up for such misbehavior, irrespective of being an actress or not I had to for myself and I think any woman who is a victim of eveteasing and molestation should stand up.”

Maybe having more women standing up for themselves will help change the mind set about what respect is.

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