Shruti and Imran – No Sibling Love

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Shruti and Imran - No Sibling Love Shruti Haasan has known co-star of her first film Imran Khan for eons. Luck which releases in the upcoming weeks stars both the youngsters are excited and yet nervous about their film. However, when a journalist asked Khan if Haasan was much like his sister since they have known each other from childhood, Imran was shocked only to quickly reply a big-fat “No!” The friends burst out laughing finding the question far too humorous.

Shruti Haasan went on to claim that she preferred the title “friend” or “co-star,” Let’s not get into the brother sister relationships. We have been friends for the last so many years that I have lost count. We are romancing each other in the film so just keep to that. One can’t romance a brother; in fact the thought itself is repugnant.” Imran went on to add, “Don’t use the word sister, it sounds horrible. We are more of friends. One can’t romance a sister. It sounds very repulsive!”

The film is Shruti Haasan’s debut film. She is the daughter of South superstar Kamal Haasan and famed actress Sarika Haasan. Besides acting, she is a model, singer and music composer. You will hear her in sing a song in her debut film which is directed by Soham Shah of Kaal fame.

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