Siddharth Anand in awe of Bipasha Basu

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Bachna Ae Haseeno starring Ranbir Kapoor, Minissha Lamba, Deepika Padukone and Bipasha Basu will finally be coming to theaters on August 15th. With the release of the music last week the film’s promotion has revved up and with each new sneak peak the excitement surrounding the film is getting even higher. Directed by Siddharth Anand, the film is a story of Raj Sharma’s (Ranbir Kapoor) three loves from the age of 16 to 30. Recently the director talked about all things Bachna Ae Haseeno.

To play the lead male character, there was only one name in Anand’s mind, Ranbir Kapoor and they really hoped he would agree to star in the project. “Saawariya hadn’t released when we offered him this film and he was rejecting offers left, right and centre. But we are glad he chose Bachna Ae Haseeno as his second film. His character in the film ages from 16 to 30 years and I feel Ranbir can portray the entire age group well.”

About the characters played by Ranbir and his 3 costars Anand revealed, “Minissha Lamba plays a simple, sweet, small town girl while Deepika Padukone plays an NRI. Bipasha is your independent, successful, attractive Mumbai girl. The all have distinct looks and characters because Ranbir (who plays Raj Sharma, a gaming programmer at Microsoft) meets them at different stages of his life. In fact this variety is there in the music too.”

Adding that though the impression seems to be that Ranbir’s Raj is a bit of a Casanova that is really not the case. “But I wouldn’t like to call his character a Casanova. He is a regular guy who like all of us in this room goes through series of relationships. And each woman he meets teaches him something about life. Bachna Ae Hasseno is a family film, so I am sorry all of you with naughty thoughts in your minds will be disappointed. At one point there is only one girl in his life.”

Though there is, of course, talk about how the much publicized real life romance of Ranbir and Deepika will influence how the film will be accepted by audiences, Anand disagrees, “Actually they had finished shooting their portions before they started dating. I don’t think audiences care too much about watching real life couples on screen. People are talking more about the film than the cast. Everyone has been going ‘wow’. But it’s a film with a heart and has much more than just froth and gloss.”

Anand said he enjoyed working with all three of his heroines and that there was no problem, “Fortunately there wasn’t too much work that required the three of them together. I was sure since they signed the film there were no doubts regarding their roles. Otherwise it would have been a bit problematic, as women are very sensitive. I feel I am more of a man’s director. I get along very well with all my heroes. With my heroines the relationship is more professional. But they all brought a lot of positive energy with them on the sets. In fact filmmaking these days has become like going to office. You enter and exit at a certain time. There is no space for small talk, ego clashes and arguments. Come, do your work and pack up.”

He did enjoying working with all three of them but there was one lady that took his breath away. Bipasha. “I was completely in awe of her. Everyone else was a pal, but she made me go weak in the knees. But she is used to that. Anyways, because comparisons are bound to be there all three have worked extra hard to look their best.”

Anand’s last film was Tara Ra Rum Pum with Saif Ali Khan and Rani Mukerji and when asked to compare Ranbir to Saif Anand replied, “I would have loved to cast Saif in the film. But the age of the character fitted Ranbir better. And trust me you will see a new Ranbir in the film. I’ll say we are re-launching him. It’s like a new debut for him. The range the film offers him is a dream for any actor. Ranbir fortunately is relatively new yet seasoned enough as a performer. And you can’t doubt his acting skills. It’s in his genes. Saif and Ranbir have this quality of being the same both on and off camera. So their body language and dialogues are always natural.”

Though there have been rumors that Ranbir’s dad Rishi will be making a cameo in BAH Anand denied it and said, “But Ranbir is a chip off the old block. Rishi Kapoor is the God of romance and I hope Ranbir lives up to that image.”

With the tag line Come Fall In Love…Thrice fans can expect a wonderful romantic film to enjoy when Bachna Ae Haseeno opens in theaters on August 15th. We know we will be there!

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