Siddharth is an institution says director Anand Ranga

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He may have come and gone but the impact that Rang De Basanti actor Siddharth left on his North Indian audience was huge. In fact it has definitely yet to disappear as they eagerly await his next trip up North for another Hindi venture.

The Tollywood superstar has a dedicated fan following in abundance across the globe and thanks to this enormous fan following his latest Telugu outingOy! has received the biggest opening of its career. However, it seems that its not just fans and admirers who are in awe of Siddharth but also he seems to have struck his charm with his directors too, the most recent of them being debutant director Anand Ranga, director of Oy!.

When speaking to Siddharth-Online.Com the director was all praises for the actor. According to the director, “Siddharth is an institution. There is no topic in this world that he is not aware of. For me, he has been a major support throughout this film. I can never ever forget what he has done for me, he has gone out of his way and done a lot of things that I cannot mention now. It’s just unbelievable. No hero will do any such thing for anyone, no matter how close he may be. Siddharth took my script to a different level with his inputs and his stunning performance. Till today, he continues to do things for me that no friend will do, no matter how close you are.” Anand Ranga is currently basking in all the glory and success of Oy!.

The director went onto give a bit more technical details about the success of the film, “Oy! is the biggest romantic hit of the year. In the 10th day, the distributors broke even. From there it has been profits. It’s making good money. It’s playing in 20 theatres in the city in the 4th week. It’s collecting very well in the US too. If you see the schedule sheet, you’ll know it’s playing more shows than a big Hindi film.” Many warned him that a tragic love story wouldn’t strike well with the Telugu audience, however looks like the director was right to have taken the risk because the audience is loving seeing their favorite lover-boy in a whole new avatar!

Commonly known for his clean-cut films with a strong family and emotional element Siddharth is quite multi-talented and adorns many hats down south. For Oy! he not only did all those things Anand Ranga mentioned above but also took the title of a playback singer once again and debuted as an album producer for the films OST. “I’ll give entire credit to Yuvan and Siddharth for the success of Oy!’s music,” said the exuberant director.

Up north Siddharth awaits the completion and release of his Chandan Arora socially driven project Striker and he is currently working hard for his bilingual project for ABODE productions to be directed by debutant Prakash Kovelamudi.

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