Singh is Kinng From Punjab to Egypt

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Singh is Kinng, one of this summer’s highly anticipated films has been filmed not only in Punjab but also in Australia and Egypt. For two of the songs, the picturesque locales of Egypt were used as the backdrop. Both ‘Jee Karda’ by Labh Janjua-Suzie Q and Rahat Fateh Ali Khan and Shreya Ghoshal’s song ‘Teri Orr’ were shot on location there.

Vipul Shah explained, “I wouldn’t say we shot in Egypt just for the glam factor. The story is such that it takes Akshay’s character from Punjab to Egypt and then to Australia. So we have about 7-8 scenes in Egypt as well. We did a complete 15-day schedule there and you won’t believe some of the shots we’ve canned. They’ll take your breath away!”

Adding, “We’d already shown Punjab, which lent a very rustic, earthy, kitsch character to Singh is Kinng. Then we had Australia, which is very modern, neat, and glossy. So we decided to add a third terrain to the film for the exotica and Egypt came about. With these three locales, the audience will find the film constantly evolving on screen. There are parts of Egypt in the film that no one’s seen before on celluloid!”

The song promo ‘Jee Karda’ is currently on air now and next week ‘Teri Orr’ will be released. The Indian Films – Studio 18 film starring Akshay Kumar and Katrina Kaif is scheduled for release on 08.08.08, so if you have not already, mark your calenders now!

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